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Empire Z is an App game distributed to Android and Apple devices via app stores. It's even possible to play the android version on a PC, however it requires special software emulation. The game is produced by Ember Entertainment.

Feel free to add content to this Wiki.  All added content will be proofed by managing admins and deleted or revised based on accuracy.  If you have questions about editing, or about anything, please contact Lord Virane. This site was created as a teaching tool to give instruction on basic game mechanics and tips for new players.  Please do not use this site as a recruiting tool.

If you would like to see particular content added to this wiki, please add it as a bullet in the topics and mark it as (Suggested Addition).


  • DJ Deadman


    March 1, 2016 by DJ Deadman

    When your new trying to get resources may be tough. An easy way to get resources is by farming. Farming is when you find a inactive player(Usually someone who quit) and send troops to attack them. There are alot of inactive people who just have bases with tons of resources why let it go to waste? Send a scout and see if the report detects troops. If there are no troops then the person is probably inactive. Most inactives are not in a alliance. B…

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  • DJ Deadman

    When you play Empire Z you might be bothered by how much time you need to spend to grow. Here's a quick and easy way to achive one million in power. 

    From the begining build a research lab(Obviosly)

    Research Fortifications Expert and keep researching and upgrading your command center and you can achive one million without using any money pretty fast

    Note: This does nothing to support your base besides speeding up trap building

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  • Lord Virane

    Welcome to the second iteration of my blog 'Whats Next'.

    To kick things off, here are some of the things we achieved last/this month.

    • El Sergio showed us his new Empire Z wiki. It is currently quite bare-bones, but hopefully in coming months he gets around to really filling it up. Having two wikis now means that if one does not have the information required, you can check out the other.
    • James' Wolf created a new resource for players to look into, …
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  • Lord Virane

    Whats Next

    July 14, 2015 by Lord Virane

    Hi there. So this is something I want to start doing every month or so, which will help any prospect editors to know where exactly to focus their efforts, and will also recap on what has happened.

    So to start off the recap,

    • My adoption request was successful, and I now can go ahead and bring the wiki back to life, and make the place all-round more lively and fresher.
    • I will be implementing new achievements into the wiki. Right now, the achievement…
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